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Welcome to Exploit.IN Forum

Our forum is a CLOSED board.


You can get access the forum in two ways: with free registration and with paid registration.

Paid registration:

  • Cost of paid registration on the forum is $100. Registration is processed automatically.
  • After clicking the button, you must fill all necessary data fields. Next you will be redirected to the payment page.
  • Your account would not be activated until you will made the payment. At this stage, it will have the “Not activated” group.
  • After payment and one confirmations in blockchain network, account will receive "Paid registration" group. Members with "Paid registration" have the same privileges as members with "User" group.

In case you will have any troubles with payment, please contact support on Jabber support@exploit.im.


Free registration:
You must fit one of the next criteria:

  • You have your own service on the friendly forums. Your service is older than year and it has more than 10 positive reviews.
  • You are the member of Administration or team of the friendly forum.
  • You are a specialist in C/C++, Assembler, Delphi, Pascal, Visual Basic, .NET, Kylix, Python etc. Also, you can be a specialist in web-based languages: PHP, Perl, ASP, JavaScript, XML, XSL, MySQL, MsSQL and other. Your account on friendly forums is older than 2 years.
  • You are specialist in malware, exploits, bundles, crypt or automated transfer systems sphere. Your account on friendly forums is older than 2 years.

WARNING: if you do not fit one of these criteria, your free registration application will be rejected!

How to apply for free registration:

  • After clicking the button, you must fill all necessary data fields. Next you will be redirected to the payment page. Instead of payment, you need to write to Jabber support@exploit.im and send us your account name and application form. Application form consist of:
  1. User name
  2. Links to your profile on the other forums
  3. Your contacts
  4. Your professional sphere
  5. Purpose of the registration
  • After this, administration will make decision about your free registration. If your application will be approved, you will need to verify your accounts on specified forums. After successful verification you will receive “User” status.

Please note that verification with blank or inactive profiles is useless. If you do not have any reputation or at least 1 message during last year – your application will be rejected!


Exploit.IN forum rules
Ignorance or rejection of these rules does not exempt from liability for rules violation!
Forum rules are actual for all forum users, without any exceptions!


I. Exploit.IN registration rules on the forum
1.1. Use of logins with obscene words is prohibited.
1.2. Your email address must be valid. Your email address will be used for a password recovery procedure. Also, some forum administration messages and other notifications will be sent to this email.
1.3. It is FORBIDDEN to create more than one account (multi-accounts). If such accounts will be detected, they will be banned without warning.
1.4. Please be responsible when specifying information at the registration stage.
1.5. If you are confused about some rules of forum content – do not register to avoid misunderstandings. Just pass by and cancel the registration.


II. Exploit.IN code of conduct
2.1. Insults, provocations, rudeness, bullying and other types of asocial behavior against other users in any form are prohibited. To resolve your problems, please don’t try to insult opponent; in extreme cases – use PM or Jabber.
2.2. It is forbidden to respond to provocations of other users through retaliatory insults. In the case of provocations (rudeness, threats, insults), please inform the forum administration.
2.3. The propaganda of racial, national, political and religious hatred is strictly prohibited; sexual harassment is prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to place materials and advertising of illegal services and goods and goods that are related to the following topics: narcotic substances, terrorism, violence, child porn, arms trafficking, murder and/or suicide, law violation, revolutions.
2.4. All frauds with a reputation are prohibited (i.e. mutual promotions, group lowering of someone’s reputation, etc.). The behavior like "you put me a minus, so I will put you too” is forbidden. If the administration will find such behavior – account will be banned without clarification.
2.5. Flood is forbidden.
2.6. Spam is forbidden.
2.7. Blackmail is forbidden.
2.8. Off-topic is forbidden (posting messages that don’t have anything mutual with originally established topic.)
2.9. Please write correctly! if you do not know the Russian language, then write in English.
2.10. Overquoting is forbidden (an excessive citations usage in the messages.)
2.11. Begging is forbidden.
2.12. It is forbidden to post threats to users or the administration of the forum.
2.13. It is forbidden to deanonymize forum users. Exception: forum users with the “scammer” status.
2.14. It is forbidden to deceive the forum administration.
2.15. If you do not agree with the moderator’s actions – contact him through PM or in another way; if you do not agree with his reaction, or if you do not receive a response from a moderator within 48 hours – contact the support service or the administrator to resolve the dispute.
2.16. The administration is not responsible for any information posted by forum users; only topic/message author is fully responsible.


III. Exploit.IN forum topic creation rules
3.1. It is forbidden to create topics in inappropriate sections. If you accidentally made a mistake in the section, please inform the moderator immediately.
3.2. It is forbidden to create commercial topics outside the commercial section.
3.3. Before creating a new topic, check section and make sure that a similar topic has not yet been posted (you can use forum search option). It makes no sense to discuss the same things again and again.
3.4. Try to choose meaningful names for your topics. Names such as “Help”, “Sos”, “SOS”, “SOA” or “Problem” are forbidden. Such topics will be deleted without warning.
3.5. The forum administration reserves the right to delete obscene messages and topics WITHOUT any explanation.


IV. Exploit.IN section rules
4.1.1. Buying/Selling.
4.1.2. Arbitration.
4.1.3. Auctions.
4.2. Security and Hacking.
4.3. Malware. (Common forum rules are applied)
4.4. Wardriving & Bluejacking. (Common forum rules are applied)
4.5. IM messengers & social networks.
4.6. Social Engineering. (Common forum rules are applied)
4.7. Anonymity and privacy. (Common forum rules are applied)
4.8. Cryptography. (Common forum rules are applied)
4.9. Spam, mailings.
4.10. Money.
4.11. Articles & Videos. (Common forum rules are applied)
4.12. Bugtraq.
4.13. Software.
4.14. Bases and Leaks.
4.15. Malware.
4.16. Programming.
4.17. Web development.
4.18. Seo optimization.
4.19. Gadgets & Hardware.
4.20. Operating Systems. (Common forum rules are applied)
4.21. Cryptocurrency. (Common forum rules are applied)
4.22. Software.
4.23. Legal business for us. (Common forum rules are applied)
4.24. Legal issues. (Common forum rules are applied)
4.25. Other. (Common forum rules are applied)
4.26. 1st Access Level.


V. Additional rules
5.1. Deal rules violation is forbidden (fraud attempts, ignoring the guarantor, etc.)
5.2. The actions of the administration and moderators are NOT discussed. If you have any sensible suggestions or comments – please write to the desired user in Jabber or PM.
5.3. Each forum section may have separate rules (section rules) in addition to above-mentioned rules. Observance of these additional rules is mandatory. The rules can be changed without any special notifications.
5.4. Respect not only your opinion but also the opinions of all forum users.
5.5. To reduce violation points, you can participate in the life of the forum (according to the decision of the moderator.) Examples: creating useful content (posting articles) or helping users of the forum.
5.6. If your account is hacked or stolen, you continue to be liable for actions committed from this account. You should immediately inform the forum administration about this fact and about any other account hacking facts (jabber account, ICQ account, etc.) here: https://forum.exploit.in/staff/.
5.7. Any user has the right and opportunity to report a violation by clicking the "Report" button or by writing to PM to section moderator.
5.8. Forum administration:
- Administrator/admin. Manages the forum.
- Support. Provides technical support to forum users.
- Adv. Manages paid advertising on the forum.
- Moderators. Monitor the order in the sections to which they are assigned.
- Forum guarantors. Control financial side of deals, act as arbiters and advisers in controversial situations during monitored deals.
- Forum arbiter. Considers controversial situations in the “Arbitration” section.

Full list of Forum Staff: https://forum.exploit.in/staff/
Moderators list: https://forum.exploit.in/topic/156520/


Please pay attention: besides common forum and section rules, good manners and generally accepted norms of behavior are also applied.
People with inappropriate behavior are not respected both in the real world and network communities.

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