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Welcome to Exploit.IN Forum

Our forum is a CLOSED board.


You can get access the forum in two ways: with free registration and with paid registration.

Paid registration:

  • Cost of paid registration on the forum is $100. Registration is processed automatically.
  • After clicking the button, you must fill all necessary data fields. Next you will be redirected to the payment page.
  • Your account would not be activated until you will made the payment. At this stage, it will have the “Not activated” group.
  • After payment and one confirmations in blockchain network, account will receive "Paid registration" group. Members with "Paid registration" have the same privileges as members with "User" group.

In case you will have any troubles with payment, please contact support on Jabber support@exploit.im.


Free registration:
You must fit one of the next criteria:

  • You have your own service on the friendly forums. Your service is older than year and it has more than 10 positive reviews.
  • You are the member of Administration or team of the friendly forum.
  • You are a specialist in C/C++, Assembler, Delphi, Pascal, Visual Basic, .NET, Kylix, Python etc. Also, you can be a specialist in web-based languages: PHP, Perl, ASP, JavaScript, XML, XSL, MySQL, MsSQL and other. Your account on friendly forums is older than 2 years.
  • You are specialist in malware, exploits, bundles, crypt or automated transfer systems sphere. Your account on friendly forums is older than 2 years.

WARNING: if you do not fit one of these criteria, your free registration application will be rejected!

How to apply for free registration:

  • After clicking the button, you must fill all necessary data fields. Next you will be redirected to the payment page. Instead of payment, you need to write to Jabber support@exploit.im and send us your account name and application form. Application form consist of:
  1. User name
  2. Links to your profile on the other forums
  3. Your contacts
  4. Your professional sphere
  5. Purpose of the registration
  • After this, administration will make decision about your free registration. If your application will be approved, you will need to verify your accounts on specified forums. After successful verification you will receive “User” status.

Please note that verification with blank or inactive profiles is useless. If you do not have any reputation or at least 1 message during last year – your application will be rejected!


On our forum is forbidden:

  • Insulting and discussing actions of the forum team (moderators, arbiter, administrator).
  • The propaganda of racial, national, political and religious hostility, sexual harassment and all that stands against the law. Terrorism, violence, child porn and other obscenities are strictly prohibited.
  • Any work in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries, as well as this work discussion.
  • Any advertising besides paid.
  • Any frauds with reputation (mutual promotions, collective reputation lowering, etc.). Behavior like "you gave me a minus, then I will give you minus too". As soon as administration will discover something like this – you will receive a ban without clarification.
  • Multiple accounts (creating more than 1 account). If such accounts will be found, every of them will be banned without warning.
  • Abuse of obscene words.
  • Insulting forum members.
  • Advertising DDoS-services, as well as the sale of products for the implementation of DDoS-attacks.

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  • To protect the security of your account, please provide answers to 2 security questions. You will be prompted to answer one of these questions when performing certain sensitive actions to verify your identity.